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The Kinsale Peace Project/Kinsale Fairtrade Committee are delighted to announce that the director of Trocaire is coming to kinsale on friday November 21st to meet and congratulate the committee of Pádraig Fitzgerald and Gerard Timmons, both of whom set up the Kinsale Peace Project over a year ago!

The purpose of the peace project is to promote human rights issues locally in kinsale and to encourage human rights activists to come to kinsale to tell their story about their peace building efforts in war torn parts of the world, to date:

  • They have had a speaker/author from the democratic republic of Congo
  • In November last year organised for the pupils of summercove school,kinsale to make posters about what the children of the 3rd world would like for Christmas! this event was a huges success and the pictures of the pupils with their posters appeared in the newspapers!
  • A Darfur rebel leader came in April, who also has briefed Irish troops {part of eufor} on their peace keeping trip to Chad!
  • August 08 ,war reporter and author Damien Lewis!spoke about his time in Darfur
  • In may of this year joined up with kinsale brownies in promoting the ban of cluster bombs which maime and kill children
  • As part of Kinsale Arts Week had an amnesty play "footprint of roses" followed by a debate by deputy Simon Coveney, Green Party spokeman, Dan Boyle, Kathy Sinnott MEP and kinsale peace project ,Paádraig Fitzgerald.

The Kinsale Peace Project are delighted with this news!
Justin Kilcullen himself was originally in kinsale over 2yrs ago in an event organised by Padraig Fitzgerald ,Kinsale Peace Project/Kinsale Fairtrade about the terrible situation in Burma!
Justin himself is just back from war torn liberia,
Trocaire is very grateful to all its supporters who stand with them in their work for a more just world, an end to poverty and universla repect for human rights!
kinsale peace project will also bring Justin kilcullen to summercove national school,kinsale to speak about trocaires work in the developing world and also speak about the success of fairtrade in kinsale town, kinsale
was awarded the best fairtrade town in ireland last year,fairtrade guarantees a fair price for third world producers!
and in kinsale over 25 outlets sell fairtrade products!
more details to follow

Damien Lewis

(L to R) Padraig Fitzgerald (KPP), clr Fred Treacy Kinsale Fairtrade, Justin Kilcullen(KPP)


cultivate peace


The Kinsale Peace Project was set up by Kinsale locals Padraig Fitzgerald and Gerard Timmons in October 2007

The aim of the peace project is to promote peace and justice at home and overseas and to encourage human rights speakers to come to Kinsale and speak about their peace -building work in conflict areas of our world!

Kinsale which is an ideal venue for such events, became Ireland's 2nd fair-trade town in October 2005, over 25 outlets in kinsale sell fair-trade products, thus ensuring that the people of the developing world receive a fairprice for what they produce,the kinsale voluntary fair-trade committee also won an award for best fair-trade town in Ireland 2007!!

Out of this award winning committee ,the Kinsale Peace Project was set up!

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