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Amnesty International Play


The Kinsale Peace Project & Kinsale Fairtrade committee are delighted to announce the thought provoking "amnesty international play", about the current situation in Zimbabawe "A footprint of Roses" will have a once off showing in kinsale, on 19th of july.4.30pm as part of kinsale arts week!

Amnesty International Irish Section Zimbabwe Group Presents:

A Footprint of Roses

A play by Elaine Desmond

on Saturday, 19 July 2008

At Kinsale Further Education College, Bandon Road, Kinsale

The performance will be followed by a debate on the human rights issues raised in the play.

irector: Catherine McFadden

The cast:

Grace: Leah Flyn
Constance: Donna Nikolaisen
Mary: Elizabeth Suh Manka
Policeman: James Akpotor

Free Admission. Donations to Amnesty International Ireland Zimbabwe group will be received gratefully.

WOMEN OF ZIMBABWE ARISE (WOZA) is a grassroots women's organisation campaigning in Zimbabwe. Leaders and members from WOZA regularly take to the streets to hold the government of Zimbabwe to account for its failure to meet their basic needs and are confronted by a repressive and brutal state. It was founded in Zimbabwe in 2003. Its symbol is a Rose. Its mission statement is:

“The power of love is stronger than the love of power”

Jenni Williams
Jenni Williams, one of the founders of WOZA

WOZA have a custom of giving out roses on St Valentine’s Day to the public and to the police. Roses are being given out in Dublin to express support for WOZA and their campaign against a range of human rights abuses for which they hold their government acountable.


cultivate peace


The Kinsale Peace Project was set up by Kinsale locals Padraig Fitzgerald and Gerard Timmons in October 2007

The aim of the peace project is to promote peace and justice at home and overseas and to encourage human rights speakers to come to Kinsale and speak about their peace -building work in conflict areas of our world!

Kinsale which is an ideal venue for such events, became Ireland's 2nd fair-trade town in October 2005, over 25 outlets in kinsale sell fair-trade products, thus ensuring that the people of the developing world receive a fairprice for what they produce,the kinsale voluntary fair-trade committee also won an award for best fair-trade town in Ireland 2007!!

Out of this award winning committee ,the Kinsale Peace Project was set up!