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Fairtrade, Kinsale


Kinsale was recently awarded the best fairtrade town in ireland award!

Over 25 outlets now sell fairtrade products in kinsale!

Kinsale Fairtrade Fortnight 25th - 9th March


Subject: kinsale fairtrade committee invited to ARAS AN UACHTARAIN

IN view of the outstanding achievements of the kinsale voluntary fairtrade committee ,members of the committee
have been invited by fairtrade mark Ireland to meet the president Mary mc Aleese on march the 6th!
the kinsale committee in October last were presented by the minister for state MR. MICHAEL KITT with the best fairtrade town in Ireland award in view of their tireless
and proactive work in promoting fairtrade in the community of kinsale!

"This is a huge and rewarding achievement for our committee "of Padraig Fitzgerald, Alan Clayton, cclr Fred Treacy, Gerard Timmons and Kinsale community school pupils of Liam Mc Dade and Dylan Buckley
padraig fitzgerald
kinsale fairtrade committee

Subject: antartic explorer Dr Clare O'Leary to meet Kinsale Fairtrade committee!

hello everyone!
some great news! I spoke to Dr Clare o Leary last night and she has agreed to come to kinsale in late march/early April to
be pictured next to our fairtrade sign,exact time to follow shortly!

Dr Clare O Leary,a keen fairtrade supporter, was the first Irish woman to climb Everest! the first Irish woman to reach the south pole!
I couldn't think of a better role model especially for young children to show her appreciation and support for fairtrade!
This is a great news for our committee,who recently won the best fairtrade town in Ireland award!
log on below, to see details about Clare's fantastic achievement!


its also a great coincidence that the "crazy jack" fairtrade rice comes from the Himalayas!
padraig fitzgerald
kinsale fairtrade committee

left to right
Padraig Fitzgerald ,Kinsale Fairtrade committee
Minister John Gormley
Gerard Timmons ,Kinsale Fairtrade ommcittee

pic Martin Hurley

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