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Fergus Finlay visits the Kinsale Peace Project

Fergus Finlay ,Chief Executive of children's charity "Barnardos" accepts Kinsale peace Project's invitation to come to Kinsale on Friday evening April 1st!


Friday 1st April, 2011

8:00 pm

The Friary Centre, Kinsale
Since June 2005 Fergus Finlay has been Chief Executive of Barnardos, Ireland’s largest children’s charity. For 20 years prior to that he was employed as Senior Adviser to the Labour Party, serving in three Governments & working for the Party in opposition. He was one of the drafters of the Downing Street Declaration and was centrally involved in the election of President Mary Robinson in 1990, together with other political events of the period.

Fergus Finlay is the author of four bestselling books. He has founded a number
of organisations that campaign for the rights of people with disabilities, and was
Chairperson of Special Olympics Ireland for four years. He is currently Chair of Volunteering Ireland. He broadcasts regularly on radio and television, and contributes a weekly column to the Irish Examiner.



Padraig Fitzgerald & Gerard Timmons of the Kinsale peace project wish to announce that bishop Edward Daly of bloody Sunday has been postponed until the new year!

Fr Edward Daly onBloody Sunday

The picture of a priest {Fr Edward Daly}  waving a blood stained handkerchief as one of the victims ,Jackie Duddy ,is carried to safety is perhaps one of the most enduring images of Bloody Sunday.
Fr Edward Daly was then a 39 -year old curate at st Eugene's cathedral in Derry.
In recent weeks due to the Saville Inquiry Bishop Daly's picture was again 38 yrs later on TV screens all over the world.

Photo with Padraig Fitzgerald KPP John Hume

l/r blind peace activist Richard moore .who lost his eyesight at age of 10
yrs during the troubles ,when a british soldier opened fire on him.he was on
his way home from school.
Bishop Edward Daly of the iconic bloody Sunday picture
Padraig fitzgerald managing director of pj fitzgerald insurance and founder
Kinsale peace project
and nobel peace prize winner John Hume


The Kinsale peace project is a voluntary non profit committee founded over 3 years ago by Kinsale locals Padraig Fitzgerald& Gerard Timmons.

The project encourages human rights speakers to come to Kinsale
to speak about their ground breaking work in promoting peace and justice throughout the world.

Other visitors to the Kinsale peace project have been:
Paul Rusesbaagina, real life hotel Rwanda hero
The Israeli & Palestinian ambassadors
A Darfur rebel group spokesman,
Damien Lewis, author/Sunday time’s journalist and documentary film maker, about Darfur,
Author and aid worker ,RICHARD Poole ,based in the democratic republic of congo
Dr Abdullah el tom ,a spokesman for "jem" one of the rebel groups in Darfur
Justin Kilcullen ,Director of Trocaire
blind peace activist Richard Moore from Derry

For more information please contact Padraig Fitzgerald
on 086 8583185


cultivate peace


The Kinsale Peace Project was set up by Kinsale locals Padraig Fitzgerald and Gerard Timmons in October 2007

The aim of the peace project is to promote peace and justice at home and overseas and to encourage human rights speakers to come to Kinsale and speak about their peace -building work in conflict areas of our world!

Kinsale which is an ideal venue for such events, became Ireland's 2nd fair-trade town in October 2005, over 25 outlets in kinsale sell fair-trade products, thus ensuring that the people of the developing world receive a fairprice for what they produce,the kinsale voluntary fair-trade committee also won an award for best fair-trade town in Ireland 2007!!

Out of this award winning committee ,the Kinsale Peace Project was set up!