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THE man who saved more than 1,200 people during one of the world’s worst genocides will visit Ireland for the first time next month.

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Paul Rusesabagina evening talk on September 2nd at 8pm Carmelite centre, Carmelite friary, Kinsale Co Cork
Admission free, but donations welcome on the night, seating limited come early

September 3rd, Kinsale peace project members ,Padraig fitzgerald & Gerard timmons will bring Paul on a visit to summer cove national school, Kinsale and to Kinsale community school

This is his first visit to IRELAND!



cultivate peace


The Kinsale Peace Project was set up by Kinsale locals Padraig Fitzgerald and Gerard Timmons in October 2007

The aim of the peace project is to promote peace and justice at home and overseas and to encourage human rights speakers to come to Kinsale and speak about their peace -building work in conflict areas of our world!

Kinsale which is an ideal venue for such events, became Ireland's 2nd fair-trade town in October 2005, over 25 outlets in kinsale sell fair-trade products, thus ensuring that the people of the developing world receive a fairprice for what they produce,the kinsale voluntary fair-trade committee also won an award for best fair-trade town in Ireland 2007!!

Out of this award winning committee ,the Kinsale Peace Project was set up!